Palmystery again

There is a hidden Bart Simpson animation somewhere in this level, I don't think anyone has ever found him.

I'd love to talk a bit more about my inspirations behind Palmystery. I think this game was a shift for me towards a more expressive and experimental use of the video game engine Unity. Before this game, I had been creating from some thing of a perfectionist POV. I would start with a vision, and work backwards to make it come to life. Sometimes I get so excited about the potential for games and all the different physics I can use, and using code/music/animation to create some kind of harmonious psychedelic trip. I would always revert back to nature to help ground myself and have a baseline position to help direct programmers and everyone else I am collaborating with. Does that make sense??? It's easier to say to someone "underwater level!" than to say "hands touching hands".

But with Palmystery I decided to do everything, rough and dirty, by myself using whatever tools I had at hand. I didn't care about narrative or potential for code/art whatever, I just wanted this space to be a live experiment. Every single step in the game was made without a second guess. It appeared and it stayed there. Nothing was decided on preemptively. Everything emerged naturally and from a place of pure emotion. I tried making myself a vessel for inspiration.
Why hands? I am obsessed with hands. 
The space in Palmystery is an extension of my hand. 
This very blog is an extension of my hand. 
Everything digital is an extension of the hand. That is why its called 'Digital'
from 'Digit'.
Thinking now about Cybernetics. My brain isn't only -like- a computer, it is a computer. I am technology, creating technology in my image. I am God then! But I already knew that, I am an animator after all; bringing imagination to life.
Aren't phones kind of a cold replacement for another hand? Instead of holding hands, we hold some kind of metal/plastic thing in the shape of a censorship bar. 
I want to hold hands. My goal in life used to be to meet every person on Earth at least once LOL imagine, at least I'd shake a lot of hands. I let go of that goal because I am more of an introvert than I thought (at least 50% introvert, 50% extrovert). I am content with meeting as many people as I come across. My new goal is to breathe as much as possible. That might sound ridiculous, but I used to kind of hold my breathe randomly. I'm not sure why. I think it is helpful to think about how well I am breathing because it brings me into my body, I feel aware of how my body is feeling and therefore I became aware of the present. 

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