This my army of origami crabs that I will release to spread the word of my blog.

Photoshop experiment

I was having fun with photoshop before my computer started being crappy. I need a new one for serious. This is how i feel about dealing with photoshop right now.


Today Alex went back to Poutineville =((( I will miss him.

Heres some of my latest life drawings with Nupastel and conte!


Some fun avec prismacolours

I just got a whole buncha prismacolours and I had fun testing them out (to see if the tips were broken)


Mexican masks

I love Mexico. I can't wait to go back there and draw more things!!



Experimenting with watercolour, and some new inking. Have you heard of Moebius? Ill pretend like you havent...


International Women Celebrate!

The painting in the middle is my contribution for the show! How lucky, I get to be on the announcement and invitation for Ayrspace! Thanks to Jill Yuzwa and Jeanette Obbink I get some valuable experience by being a part of an exhibition =)