Trippin on comets

So I was flippin through my Scientific American like madam smartsy pants the other day, and I came across this article about comets. And they said some stuff about rocks covered in water millions and millions of years old and blah blah blah - PICTURES! Do you see shapes and patterns in natural things that are outwardly messy and chaotic? This looks like a river in slow motion to me. Like, super slow motion. Like beyond our comprehension - slow.


These are some rando drawings I did of my unexpecting victims!! I love drawing ppl with this phone, its so inconspicious. I look like yet another power baby posting selfies and using technologies like stylus's. I'm not quiet good enough yet though. This surface is so slick, unlike paper. And there is a slight lag on the line speed. It doesn't feeeel right :( yet. Maybe Ill unlearn paper, my whole life will take place beyond a screen. Ill never have to use paper ever again! Psshht paper. Such a clumsy nostalgic thing. Who needs textures and toothiness when you got -nothing- :P But I do like the quickness and convenience of drawing on my phone.

Life drawing MTL

Hey I havent posted here in a while! Iv been busy busy. Just finished up Gardenarium, I went to GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Fran for the first time this year. I showed my game at a really cool event called Mild Rumpus. It was so much fun. Anywhere I can comfortably sport a blazer and combat boots to chill in a park is perfect weather for me. I probably should have gone to more talks and stuff.. instead of just pacing between Wholefoods and the park. But the talks I did go to were incredible!

Now I am back to working on my inspiring projects with KOOP mode! I am doing a series weird psychedelic polygons that morph into organic animal like shapes. But I cant let myself forget how to draw... I think thats the danger I find myself in sometimes. 

I drew these using my phone Note4. Trying to get used to it!