Winter love

I love sketching from windows in winter. I can sit there all warm and cozy with a big yummy coffee and watch all the people wiz by with their fluffy coats of fur, wool and dangley things. 


Trash bar

Hey folks, I recently finished my very first film with the National Film Board. Its called Scientifq Piqniq and its weird! I am excited to be finished drawing the gloopy blob stuff and try to remember how to draw figures again.


Elephant guhn

Hey everybody! I just got back from a trip to British Columbia this summer! I am so lucky to find that I was also chosen to do a film with the NFB! And I found this amazing Indian tea lounge in my neighborhood. Everything is goingg fffiiiiinnneee! World domination is next.


Les Orcs de Cristal

Album cover for this band again!


Crystal Orcs

This is an illustration I did up for a friend of mine, here is his band camp ~~ http://lesorcsdecristal.bandcamp.com/