Making some runners for a game I'm working on ^^


Los Angeles

Hello dear readers, so I've been partying and working in LA for the last week. I just came back from Disneyland, and I must admit that the sheer madness of the entire display must be the most inspiring thing I've seen in a longtime. It seems the message is that dreams come true, possibilities are endless, your imagination is magic.  Disneyland is a living reminder that its all true. And ladies with strollers are dangerous.



I am currently traveling across the states! I've already met so many interesting characters. A friend gifted me a copy of Basho's journey to the North, and I feel so inspired to write haiku! I never write! Giving it a go;  

Empty fields 
shaved to a stuble
decorated by sky
thin glazes of cloud

I feel a terrified calm
fallowing the peace
of having experienced the colors


Polygon coverage

I got covered by Polygon! http://www.polygon.com/2015/5/4/8547943/timothy-leary-gardenarium-hippy