Mon Dieu

Here is a monoprint comic page I made. The image was hard to get into the computer, I had to do multiple scans. The story is supposed to take place in some post apocalyptic setting where our power towers are all that is left of our past civilization, sort of like stone henge. Now the power of the tower is rediscovered and worshiped once again!



Here is a silly comic I made during my "comic a day" phase. I think I will try doing that again sometime soon.




This is all the garbage a couple of us girls made to eat lunch. It was a reality check for me.


More New York

This is a drawing of a guy drawing the subway in a subway. New York subways are full of the most interesting subjects, can't blame him.



Today is 11/11/11!!! I will celebrate with another drawing from my trip to New York =) I kind of imagine that when I look at the clock and its 11:11, its a sign of good luck. Now my superstition has evolved to include anything with multiple ones. Even 1:11. So today is uber lucky!


Swallow Cafe in New york. I don't think its the best coffee in the world, but they have a nice ambiance and hip clientele. Perfect conditions for drawing.


New York

Here are some drawings from my New York trip. I have a lot more, I'll let them leak little by little. For now, there is a lot of homework to complete. NSCAD, my school, l is in a lot of trouble financially and the teachers and technicians are going on strike soon! I won't hang out around the school without them!! Today I wrote a letter to tell the gov't how much we need NSCAD, all students are encouraged to do the same =) I love NSCAD, I feel free and encouraged to make the kind of art that I think needs to be in the world =)