State change

This is a water coloured intaglio plate. Printmaking was going great, until today I realized my prints from my last assignment where gone!! Someone threw out 5-7 hours of my life while they were drying. You know, printmaking is a very "shared" art form, you share a press, inks, tips tricks, which is great! But its times like this where I just want to spend time alone on easy to do art. So I coloured in one of my older prints.


Working heat

everyone knows skeletons do good music
This is the house across my window where my desk is. They have lots of parties. But they put on good music, so its okay. The sound of my heating pipes keep me awake more than they do. I find that i have more mice, ants and fruit flies in Halifax than I ever had in Ontario. Maybe it has something to do with the old humid house I live in? Or because I don't clean my kitchen enough. I'd rather spend the extra time drawing about it than cleaning it =)


Laptop glow

This is a little somethin I made for class. Its of myself and Alex in a fort we built to watch a movie outside while mice take our popcorn.


Overwelcomed stay 2

This is yet another humane way to rid yourself of your own creation. Do your dishes.

Overwelcomed stay 1

here is a solution to get rid of your un welcomed ant


Foster a cat

This is the poster I made with my cat print. I added words to some of them, I hope to be able to have time to finish them after my trip to New York and post them around the school. I wonder what the response will be like =) IF YOU WANT TO FOSTER A CAT, CLICK HERE http://ca-r-ma.org/halifax_chapter these cats need love =)