Sunday wavescape

I love to watch sea foam dance on the surface of water. Last time I was in NYC I took a ferry to Rockaway beach and my favorite part of the ride was watching the wake of the boat. It was so entertaining for me I probably laughed and cried. My second favorite part was watching the sky, oh my gawd it was a beautiful sky! 
NYC can be so beautiful.


Hand Eye Ball

So xcited for this years Hand Eye Society ball!
It's my first year attending. Happy to be making some animations for the group game that the audience will participate in. 
I haven't been posting much on this blog lately, I guess I spend too much time on instagram. I promise I will spend more time blogging in the coming weeks. I love blogging. It's like having a diary that I can flip back to whenever to remember how I was feeling. I started with instagram because I figured that I am a visual artist and should indulge in the ~ViSual~ platforms but you know what, nawt always. Follow me on instagram... @missserious999
So I will be in Toronto for a few days partying it up at the Ball and then on Tuesday I will be speaking at Jim Munro's event  "Gameplanner Launch and Social: International Indie Insight Night"
with my dear friend Robin Baumgarten and Dan Posner.
Then the Ottawa Animation Festival to watch weird cartoons with my mom <3 nbsp="" p="">