I am happy to release my latest game, Palmystery!

I made this game frantically, you know the kind of frantic feeling you get when you realize you will die one day? I started this game when Trump got elected (and that is the only time I will say his name)

I wanted to make a game that was surreal, and horrific, but almost comical like the general feeling of that time. Everything feels like a joke with no meaning and beyond looms a questionable future. *Sigh* I feel like an open wound.

You know what though!! Fuck it all!!! I'm going to have fun while I am on this stinking planet, I am the worlds problem now. LOOK OUT!

(This photo is actually the remains of a game I made for AM16 with the theme "After hours", sadly the game got launched without me but I still like the stuff I made. )
(The lines on these hands represent the areas of interest for palm fortune telling)
(The bubblegum garden, one of the many garden idea's me and Catherine Debard (YlangYlang) have had )

(A scene by my friend and one of my favorite artists Keith Jones)

Anyways... so I've been toying with occult concepts like alchemy, hypnosis and and tarot in video games, I think there is some potential there for great art and out of this world good feels. This game doesn't have much in it pertaining to palmistry besides the intro castle (the 'art' on the walls represent different aspects of Palmistry) 

but there is a sequence meant to be hypnotic at the very end of the experience written by my friend Aya Avalon (here is a video about it) with music by YlangYlang layered over top of it. 

I started making this game thinking about all the little monsters I would draw during those wild times of public outcry when __ got elected . It stirred within me a darker side to my cartoons that I want to explore. Obviously I didn't take it too far, this game is still pretty cute and light ~ but I'm getting there. During this time I was living with a techno musician that always wanted to be stoned and we would jam in the living room. She would do her 'techno homework' which was basically to listen to techno and I would do visuals for her. A lot of the scenes in Palmystery come from those ideas.

I named it "Dreams and Nightmares of the Citizens of the Underworld" at first and I would show it at random events like this bro-y musicians birthday party called "Calfest" (his name was Cal) and at an anti Valentines party called EWW and at a couple of my events in Montreal like Psychic Playground and Dream Circle which I organize with G.P Lackey and Aya Avalon. 

Please play the game, its free, and I hope that you have a strange and beautifully surreal trip.


- Paloma