16th annual Fantoche

Here I am at Fantoche!
Some observations
Swiss people don't wear sunglasses!
The only thing 24/7 here is a public sulfur bath!
Its a cute town, very clean. Everything reminds me of Annecy.
But Annecy feels way more diverse to be honest, I have hardly seen a single non German person for an International Animation festival. The theme this year is sexy. Mayo isn't sexy.
Mayo is egg.
But Egg is great.
Egg by Martina Scarpelli that is. So unapologetic and femanine, I loved it. Fierce.
Omg I saw this film called Wildebeest by Nicolas Keppens and Matthias Phlips, it was so funny me and my friend drew a bunch of comics inspired by it.
I really loved the animaiton of (Fool time) Job by Gilles Cuvelier
The animation of Bloeistraat 11 by Nieke Deutz was amazing
Watched The Shower an animation inspired by the (tragic) korean short story written by Hwang Sun-Won (cry)
Tonight I am going to see Mutafukaz which I am so excited for
I missed Your Name (fuck)
Tomorrow we are going on an excursion to Zurich! Very exciting.