Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I am spending this Christmas feeling grateful at home in Ottawa, earlier this week I made a project here http://palgal.itch.io/messy-christmas

Happy Holidayz!



Here are a bunch of GiFS from various projects and experiments. A couple of them are made on my phone. I wish I could animate more on my phone, but I can't find a proper program for good phone animations. Such a bummmer!!! As soon as I get enough tech cred, the next thing I am gonna work on is getting a good animation app out there for androids.


I decided that I will die as a landscape painter, and that I should spend life trying other things like video games and comics and whatnot. But here is a taste of what I will become one day, when nothing else makes sense anymore, I can always recluse into my fantasy landscapes, because ~Utopia~



Here are a few character sketches I've done for Gardenarium and my upcoming games! They are so wild sometimes.


Just been looking through all my drawings of the year, and I found a bunch of them that I haven't posted. These have been sitting in my phone! I am now back in Montreal from LA, and working at the NFB on a video game project about a the mysterious "Museum of Symmetry" and its a lot of fun. I love the NFB, and Montreal is pretty cooool too.