Last few weeks

Hey, so here are a few drawings I did these past few weeks. Alot has been happening, I went to something called ~ The Magic Circle ~ which is an interactive jam. There was a group of dancers doing these extremely amazing poses and I was dying to draw. They were so fast though, I could hardly draw anything. I need to figure out a way to capture more next time.
I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately. One might even consider it = THE ULTIMATE = spring cleaning... as in, ridding myself of all my stuff. Clothes, vinyls, books, comics, spices, furniture, notebooks, done! Gone! I dont want it anymore. I am keeping my laptop and a suitcase of shirts and soaps and I've been selling or donating everything else. I feel sooo much better now, light as a feather and clear as crystal. From now on I'm investing my money in experiences rather than items ^^ 

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